about the brickx club

The Brickx Club was set up in 2013 by Kathy Lambkin (BSocSc.AMI Montessori Dip) who has 30 years experience as a montessori teacher. Kathy has always used LEGO® bricks with the children at school and past pupils were always asking for LEGO® building days to continue when they went on to primary school. This was the start of The Brickx Club.

About The Brickx Club

Our Motto – Take the LEGO® off the shelfbreak it upbuild your OWN

The Brickx Club has been developed to help your child get a good start in learning through FUN!

Our aims are:

  • Developing the imagination. Creativity. Social Skills.
  • Putting ideas into reality. Achievement.
  • Problem Solving. Sharing. Turn-Taking.
  • Teamwork. Sociability. Self-esteem.
  • Learning to follow instructions.

We have mountains of LEGO® – boats, planes, Star Wars, houses, cars, lorries…

what happens

In each club, we have a list of Themes, Challenges and Games which children can choose for themselves to build.

Teamwork is encouraged and different jobs involved in each group project worked through. Boxes are available to collect pieces for ideas being discussed. Each creation is put on display on our creation table. Tidying up is encouraged at the end of each session.